Sunday, January 10, 2010

What in...!

We are slowly getting back on track after our long trip up north. Sam stayed home from school 2 days with a little fever, and whatever crud that Tim and I had. Saturday we got the Christmas decorations down.

We've had a fire four nights this week. I love it. It really isn't cold enough out to warrant one, but, we have to take every opportunity to enjoy the fireplace. Here's the guys getting it started:The boys wore their new clothes to church today. They still like matching
Here's their "cheese" picture:
Here's their goofy picture that they got as a reward for doing the "cheese" picture. I don't know any other way to get them all to at least try to smile.
Oops...looks like Sam is giving someone "the bird". Ha!

He might want to give someone the bird--I think he has poison ivy! I found a little patch on his face, and after doing a full check, found it on his arms, legs, chest, back and neck. We did a whole wash-down and covered him with Tech-nu. Hopefully that works!

Here's a tid-bit: The other night while we were getting dinner ready in the kitchen, we overheard one of the kids exclaim, "What in carnation?!" I love it. I'm going to try to say it every chance I get.


  1. love the pics! i totally noticed "the bird," and wondered, "what in carnation?!" :) miss you guys!

  2. So, what's up with Trev and William both standing on the SIDES of their feet?? Seem familiar??