Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fairies, Bears, and Swine

Of Fairies...
Fairies aren't very welcome in our house. I don't know if I have banished them, or if little boys just don't care about them by nature. Most kids like Fairies. And I would think that common sense would induce any child to like Fairies once in a while. I'm thinking of teeth here...What American child, when they have lost a tooth, doesn't think of the Tooth Fairy?

I didn't banish her on purpose. But I also didn't make a big hype about her. Have I robbed my kids of an essential childhood element??

You may have guessed...we have lost another tooth. And no Tooth Fairy came. She wasn't invited! My kids prefer to put their extracted denticle into a little baggie, and stow it away in a drawer for safe keeping. How has this happened??

There is a bright side:

The first 2 times that Trevor lost a tooth there was some mild trauma involved. The teeth came out easily enough, but Trevor (who has issues with change) felt traumatized. Sometimes there were tears...sometimes there were angry faces...but neither time was there a fairy. No Thank You.

Tooth #1: fell out while Trevor was brushing his teeth. Dropped right in the sink.
Tooth #2: fell out while Trevor was eating a peanut butter sandwich. Just lodged itself in the bread.
Tooth #3: popped out while Trevor was eating popcorn.

This time, Trevor was not upset. That's the bright side. He was excited, and let me take a picture. But still, no Fairies.

Of Bears...
Samuel has been having a great time in school. For the first 2 weeks he has been learning colors, shapes, and Nursery Rhymes. He has been eager to demonstrate his knowledge to us (which is new for our family--Trevor and William really don't like to recite, or sing...). Here's a couple videos of Sam's sweet home-recitals.

First: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
In case you can't hear him well enough, the story goes like this:

Brown bear, brown bear
What do you see?

I see a red bird looking at me.

Red bird, red bird
What do you see?

I see a blue horse looking at me.

Blue horse, blue horse...
(you get the idea...)

That last little bit was:
I see Mrs. Young (that's his teacher) looking at me!
That's what I see!

And next, Jack & Jill!

Of Swine...

We've got a visit at our house! We didn't invite him, and we don't enjoy him, but we want to keep him all to ourselves. Can you guess who it is?? The flu! According to hear-say, there is a lot of swine flu in our area, so much that the doctors don't even send in tests anymore to verify whether each case is swine flu or not. Likely that is what we have on our hands (pun intended). William has the flu for sure, with a steady fever, and headaches, sniffles, and whining. Trevor may have's hard to tell. And I'm sure we all have it on our hands...I wash, and wash, and wash...and I still feel like a walking germ-ball. When I open a package of food, I can almost see the germs swarming in to contaminate everything. Yuck.

Tim picked us up a load of movies from the Library...and we've settled in for the ride. I'm expecting it to run through the whole family, but who knows...maybe not.

Of Cheese...
Just a parting shot of a cheese ball. Sam has on an alligator hat--he had to try it on while shopping at the Dollar Tree. CHEESE!

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