Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blast From the Past... past, at least! Tim found these sharp desks today at the local salvage company:

They are just like the ones I used in school! I'm generally of the opinion that I don't want to make our home a mini-public-school, and I really enjoyed not using desks last year with Trevor. But this year, we just needed more table space. I have been using our nice TV trays (is that an oxymoron??) for the boys to sit at when it's not their turn for a lesson. Then, out of the blue, here are these desks! Thank you, Father! God knew our need, when we didn't even know it ourselves! The kids are so excited. I'll have to take another picture when we finalize our new "seating arrangement".


The weather has still been miserably hot, sticky, and buggy, but Tim was able to get William to go out for a bike ride anyway. They rode up to Westgate park. William was all business, and made sure I packed him some water and a snack. (He really wanted milk, but I was able to reason him out of that...)

Two good lookin' guys!!!


Tami had another sewing night at her house recently, so I picked up some fabric to make some pajamas (that's "puh-Jama" for me, and "pah-jomma" for the Alabamans, as I have recently been informed) for the boys.

I must have been visiting too much, because all I got done at Tami's was cutting out 2 pairs of jammie shorts. I came home and finished the shorts, and the boys loved them so much, William and I went back to the store to get enough fabric to make 4 more pairs. I sewed all weekend! I also made some matching shirts.

Trevor's Indian Set

(He loves this! William picked out the fabric, and Trevor helped design the shirt. This red color is Trevor's favorite!)

Trevor's Army Set

(I picked out the fabric, and Tim helped me with the design. He also cut out the letters for me!)

William's Indian Set

(He picked out the fabric, designed the shirt, and cut out the decoration)

(I didn't get a picture of William's Nascar set--he didn't take it off for about 2 straight days!)

Samuel's Shark Set

(I picked out the fabric and designed the shirt. Not much to say...Sam likes it.)

Samuel's Cowboy Set

(The guys {all 4 of them} have been playing Cowboy and Indians {or Red-Man and White-Man} so this goes great with the other boys Indian Sets. I picked out the fabric, and Sam helped design the shirt.)

Detail of Sam's Shirt

(This is how I did all the shirts--I ironed on the design with Wonder-Under and then stitched around the edges {a technique that Tami showed me}.)

Trevor sportin' his new jams.

We went to a birthday get-together this week, for our friends Brannon and Ann (who have the same birthday!) and the boys enjoyed playing outside in their beautiful backyard. Look at these wonderful, tall pines! They dwarf the playhouse.

And, a parting-shot from Indi. Can you tell that she is dressed up? The boys put a mardi-gras necklace on her, and a cape. She loves can tell by the way she is posing for the picture. And yes, those are treats in the fore-ground. She puts up remarkably well with these 3 wild boys!

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