Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hi Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and all the rest! I've felt so busy since we got home. Besides getting settled from our trip, I have had to start getting ready for school to start. I've spent lots of hours ordering books, and reading books that I have already bought. Here's a bit of our recent "fun". Grandma asked about whether we had received the airplanes that Grandpa sent. We did! I was so proud of myself for remembering to take some pictures, I guess I forgot to send them to you! Well, here's a few. Also, Grandpa, we really enjoyed the video you made us from the Kearney trip. I was surprised to see so many video clips on there! I expected to see mostly photos. You did a great job. Thanks for making it for us!

Those were actually taken on Thursday afternoon/evening. It got the boys so excited, Tim decided to stay home from work on Friday to help them play some more. They really had fun. Tim even went out and used some left-over Christmas money (thanks Joe and Larisa!) to buy a little remote control airplane. They had fun with that, too, though it sounds like the range on the remote was short: William said you had to run after the plane to keep it going. :) Thanks for the airplanes, Grandpa!!!!

Mom, here's some shots of the kitchen!

Didn't Tim do a great job with the counter and tile? Also, here's the new faucet. I love it! The sprayer is up so high...the old one was hard to get pots or pitchers under.

Here's our next bit of "fun". was NOT fun. Anyone know what this is?? I should have put a quarter in the picture too, for is about half an inch long.

Here's the story. Tim found some of these on our hanging tomato plant... we all went out to see William catch them. As we gathered 'round the tomato plant, all of a sudden, Samuel erupts into screams! He was dancing up and down and waving his hands in the air. Tim was quick to check what was the matter, and found a little stinger stuck in Samuel's (soft, sweet) cheek. Poor Samuel. I picked him up and took him inside, hollering over my shoulder to save the caterpillars for Samuel to see. I got him inside, and all I could think of was "meat tenderizer...I need some meat tenderizer...what even is meat tenderizer?? I don't think I have any!" I grabbed an ice cube, and held it on Sam's (screaming) face (which he didn't like). Just about then, Tim came in the sliding door to the kitchen, and said he just got stung too! Yikes! I yelled for him to get the kids in the house, before they got stung as well, and here comes William through the porch toward the kitchen, and YOW! William starts screaming! Sting #3! So, I bring William (screaming) over to where Samuel is (screaming), and start icing him down, and YOW! This time I got stung! Man, did I yelp, and that chuck of ice went Flying!! It HURT! Meanwhile, Trevor was gone. He had hightailed it to the front yard, and Tim found him there and had brought him in. When he heard me scream, he ran and shut himself in his bedroom (Trevor, not Tim:). That was smart. After I got stung, one started chasing William (screaming) through the kitchen, and landed on his head. I chased him down, and started swatting at his (screaming) head. I got it off, and you better believe I stomped that sucker to death. So far, all I thought they looked like was little yellow flies. They were so small! Well, then, Tim sent us all (screaming) to the bedroom so he could make sure the kitchen was safe. He did kill one more in the kitchen. He said that as he was standing in front of the sliding glass door, looking out into the porch, a couple ran into the glass, trying to get in the house. Ugh. It was so traumatic. But, I have a feeling that in years to come, we will all be reminiscing about our little adventure, and laughing about it.

Now, do you know what they were? We think they were Yellow Jackets. What horrible little creatures! We finally figured out that they have a nest under our porch. How many times we have walked past there, unhurt, is amazing. Even a couple days ago, Samuel and Judson were playing outside, by themselves, and I shudder to think what it would have been like if they had been attacked. Praise God that Tim was home, that we were all together, and could help one another. William still, periodically, bursts out with "I HATE Yellow Jackets!" Tim and Samuel's stings cleared up by bedtime that day--maybe 6 hours? William's and mine are still bothering us, almost 2 full days later. Mine really hurt for about 8 hours, and then began to itch. Last night, I about wanted to pull my hair out it itched so bad...but then, I can be a little dramatic, on occasion. :)

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