Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Winter Storm Leon visited us.  Nothing scary around here, thankfully!  We are all safe at home, and plan to stay that way.  It was cold yesterday, and rained lightly for hours last night, leaving the trees covered in ice.

The limbs of the pine trees are sagging from the weight.

We could hear popping once in a while through the night.  Thankfully, no major damage.  Just smallish limbs around the yard.  Our power blinked a couple different times, but never went out.

You can see a limb in the background here, and snow on the table.

 The kids have had a blast exploring the yard.  They have been collecting snow and ice, and have clipped a few samples from the trees.


Trevor has spent quite a bit of time searching for pretty snowflakes to take pictures of.  Sadly, not many to choose from.  He has taken lots of pictures (which he is doing here) and looked at snow under the microscope.

Zack went outside with me for a little bit, but surprisingly didn't last long.  After carrying him around the yard, we came in.  He played in the sink instead--one of his favorite activities.

Here's a left over picture from Sam's birthday--blowing out candles on the jello cake.

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