Wednesday, July 24, 2013

About Zack

Yes, another post about Zack.  He is just such good fodder!  He keeps us either laughing or pulling out our hair all day long.

He wants so much to be a big people.  Anything we do, he wants to do too.

That motorcycle he's on there?  He climbed up on that licketty split.  No problem.  Knew just what to do once he was up there, too.


And Yep, again.

He loves to mow.  LOVES.

He also loves M&Ms.  Caught him in the car doing this on one of our pit stops this summer...

Caught 'cha.
He did surprisingly good in the car.  I brought along my old Cabbage Patch kid...his first "baby".  He loves baby dolls.  It watched videos with him...

He was a lot of work...but I did get a few breaks.

Here's some highlights from our trip:

Hiking on Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina:

Walking the dog:  (Yes, that's a little dog...the same one I walked when I was his size...)

Flying airplanes on the computer with Great Grandpa:

Swinging--like a big boy:

Playing with the cat:

And hanging out with the big boys:

His vocabulary is coming right along.  Some of our favorites are:  Yat = Zack; Menf (said through the nose) = mess; and Heo = help--as in, I want to help you stir that, Mommy...or I want to help you pour that, Mommy...or I want to help you wash that, Mommy...or clean, or bake, or carry, or any number of other things that are SO much easier without a "helper"!

Most of his words are just the first syllable, so we do a lot of guessing.  But some he says just right...with just the right inflection and timing:  Wel-ll and Hmm make us laugh every time.

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