Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Samuel's Birthday

I have discovered that I can blog from my phone! Hurrah! So now for some catching up:

Samuel's birthday came in January and was lots of fun. He got some fun gifts from all the family, and some pretty cool cards, too. I think this must be the year for interactive cards...he got some really creative ones.

We had a little pizza/movie party for him, complete with streamers, movie candy, glow straws and bracelets, Papa Johns pizza (a real treat) and gluten-free brownies. The kids watched Tron, which was a little over their heads, but they enjoyed it anyway. They had fun laying on the floor together.

Samuel is a great kid who loves to make people laugh. His tender heart is something else. He's my first boy to quit holding my hand and giving me kisses. :(. He's growing up way faster than his brothers have!

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