Saturday, February 4, 2012

I spy...

...a Birthday Boy!

But first, regular-old-life pictures.

I'll start with my favorites. I walked into the kitchen recently, and found Zack leaning over checking out this basket (which, incidentally came from our neighbor's garbage pile--the kids brought it home:).


I said Hey Zack!

Whatcha looking for?

Oh man... what a Cutie!

He still likes the usual activities. (this outfit is from you, Kim...Thanks :)

(Ope, that's the moose shirt you gave him, too...under the bib.) (Ope: I heard Trevor say Ope the other day...I say it too. Is it just us, or does anyone else say that???)

He can bear weight on his legs finally...he loves to stand up. (this out fit is from you, Mom! :)

So Precious!

Ok...enough about Zack. There's a party to document!

Samuel wanted a spy party. We went with an international spy theme. Every single boy we invited came...amazing! Friday afternoons are the time to do a party!

Tim pretty much took charge of the games.
It was great. First they played capture the flag. They all loved it. Next they played a scavenger hunt game that Tim invented. I had printed stickers with flags from 14 countries, and hidden them in peanut butter jars all over the yard. (I got my flag clip art HERE...a super easy-to-use geography site.)
We passed out these tiny comp books (50 cents at target!) to each spy.
Inside the boys and I had taped a tiny maps of the yard and the world.
The p.b. jars were hidden sort of geographically. The spies also had a list of flags to find, and they ran around collecting the stickers and putting them in their books. They loved it!
Sorry, no pictures of the boys running around. I was too busy chatting with the moms!
Not everyone placed their stickers in their books as neatly as Trevor did his...

Then cake...
...and then the boys played on the zip line, opened presents, and played in the yard. They all had a super fun time.

That evening we had more of a family party with pizza and more presents.

Happy Birthday Samuel!

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  1. Hey! I see a South Korea flag in the Spy Party! :)
    I LOVE the new kitchen and all of the pictures of Zack! I have been praying for you guys through reading your blog this morning. Hope all is well!
    <3 The Freemans