Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the Season!

I feel like I have been going nonstop the last couple and everyone else, I'm sure. We have been having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas--running errands, mailing packages, baking, decorating, making gifts...etc. etc. The computer has been calling my name: Ji-ill...come sit down and blog...

Let's start this blog off with an open house, of sorts. Mom asked me where I put various decorations, so I took some pictures. Here's our pretty tree, in the front room. I remember that when I was growing up we would keep the Christmas tree lights off all day, and turn them on at night when it got dark. Of course, that makes sense to do. But, I can't stand to walk through our living room and see the tree looking dark and lonely. I keep them on almost all day. Plus, the kids are here all day, and it starts getting dark here at about 4:30! And, I love the way the tree smells, with those lights warming it up. (To complete the picture, imagine Elvis Presley singing Silver Bells in the background... Every time Trevor notices that the Christmas music has stopped, he finds that song, and starts it up again. He said he likes the man's voice. I tried to tell him about Elvis, and I made it pretty interesting, if I do say so myself, and Trevor just nodded his head and said "okay". He's funny like that.)
Here's the stockings and mantle. Mom made all the stockings for us, and we love them.
Here's a closer shot of the pictures on the mantle. They are silly ones of the boys last year, standing on their heads on Mom and Dad's couch. I like how playful they are.
Here's a not-great-picture of our Willow Tree Nativity set...I put it our on top of the piano.
Mom wanted to know where the other furniture went that used to be in front of the front window...It's all in the guest room...which is, once again, piled high with stuff. How does that happen??? Sorry, no pictures of that... :)

On to other Christmas happenings...

Samuel had his Christmas program last week. He did a great job. Here's the pre-performance photo:On occasion, our boys will sing in the program, and on occasion, they will not. On some occasions they will hide behind the bleachers. Thankfully, on this occasion, we had a singer. It was fun for us to watch Samuel singing and doing all the actions. We were very proud of him!
Here's our post-performance photo, back in the classroom, where he gave us little Christmas presents that he had made in class. Awww...
A couple days ago, we had some friends over (which is so rare that it warrants blogging) and I lined them up for a photo. Caleb is Trevor's age, and Seth is Samuel's...but, since those 2 boys have had their birthdays already, the boys were ages 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4. Crazy fun. We made crafts, and ate pizza, and watched movies, and they ran around wild. :) It was Caleb and Seth's last day in Dothan before moving to Atlanta...we will miss them!
You can pray for a friend for Samuel at school...Seth was his best buddy, and the only boy he played with at "outside time".
Last, but not least, some pictures from just this morning. Trev started up a little ear infection last night, which kept us home for the morning. Often, when that happens on a Sunday, we will have church at home. Tim got out his guitar, and we sang Christmas songs. That is, Tim and I sang Christmas songs...the boys do not sing with us. But, they did get out some drums and a tambourine and made some happy racket along with us. That was fun. After that, I got out Grandpa's old piano, and the kids really had fun playing along with the programed Christmas music.
I hope your Christmas is off to a special start, too!

fa la la la la, la la la la!

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  1. LOVE the blog, love the header, love the title, but most of all love the mama finding joy in the day to day!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!